Somehow my poems never rhyme!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Green Eyed Monster

Heat rising from the pores of my limbs
My eye scouring the reason for these shifts
The head is turning into a blast furnace
I talk to myself in crooked condemnations
The frames orbit in front of me while,
I turn into a green eyed monster!!!

I see you, standing away, with the prey!
Why would you be there, when i am here
Looking at the scene through a fish eye
I wish it becomes a Close up with you and I!
The frames orbit in front of me while,
I turn into a green eyed monster!!!

I burn into infernal region as you hold his hands
The fists clinch hard as if getting ready for the knock out
The vision blinds itself, cant see your deep contemplation
I shook my head so hard that it almost came off!!!
The frames orbit in front of me while,
I turn into a green eyed monster!!!

I am about to leave this vicious arena, just when
I see you smile, chuckle at something funny
There was an innocuous radiance in your eye
I felt the goosebumps settling into the burning skin
And the frames descend in front of me while,
I turn back into myself!!!

I felt silly at myself for thinking absurdities
Because i forgot my job, which is to see & make you happy
Whosoever you are with, it doesn't matter because
The story reveals that you always come back to me!
It becomes the most beautiful frame while,
I smile and turn around to go away in exile

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sacred Sin

I never thought i would be walking the highway road
Whenever I try to walk straight the road turns
Can't heal the wound, pain slowly churns
What do I do, I've done the sacred sin
The smoke sets in separating the kins
The unchained melodies haunt my daily nightmares
It's only the subdued silence who cares
Alacrity is abstract, cant even paint the hidden walls
Will get some mercy after the curtain call
You'll have to find about the uncanny rendition
I laugh hard to find that all this is a rueful mission
I try to see my utopian face in the broken mirror
I know its the dry tears who are the killer
This is not real, I'll have to come out of the obscure veil
I am trying to follow your invisible trail
What you see is more but less than what you don't
But What do I do, I've done the sacred sin

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Loner Eclipse

When the words give up, the silence speaks loon
I talk in signs to my good friend Spotty Moon
When I show him the finger, he understands I am angry
I curse him all the time in my torn dungaree!
I tell him to look at what’s happening in my life
I walk with broken steps in all this strife
He still shines bright as if smiling to my pain
I hate to look at his glint in water ponds made by bitter rain
Today I again went out to see his satirical face
And to swear him more so he feels my grimace
At the spur I saw a hazy ring around my friend
He looked dizzy as if drunk and trying to fend
Slowly the hollow halo grew at the edges
And my friend’s radiance diminished to hedges
I realized that he was shrinking to cipher
And it made me sweat and shout getting hyper
I showed him signs to tell me what’s wrong
But I guess I was late and had no prong
I cried and said you can’t leave me, I am alone
And looked at him till his last moan
When his aura was at the ashes, he said his words
Dude, you need no one if its you whom you’ve always heard
It’s only you who stands for you when everyone shows the back
Never forget to cherish yourself which you should never lack
The phoenix will rise from the burns that’s for sure
I will come back to you with my smiling allure
Friend don’t think you will ever live in solitary premise
There will always be a stalwart, giving you the contended demise.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Visual Orgasm!

There is an archaic saying..."Pictures spaeak a thousand words". If still pictures can speak so many words, imagine the amok moving pictures can cause and they do. Trust me. Well you do have to get in "The Zone" to endure the pleasure. There is an afterglow which one follows after watching a moving picture that arouses aromatic gusto. Somthing of the sorts happened to me after watching the adaptation of the classic "Othello", Omkara. The movie somehow turned my cinematic viewing into an amicable experience. The reason why Omkara touches the zenith is because of its acclimatization into Indian ambiance. Real to life characters, spine chilling dialogues, topnotch screenplay and stark direction makes it a sumptuous treat.

I would be a sinner if I leave out the euphoric rhapsodies created by none other than Vishal Bharadwaj. The songs are real feast to the ears. Honestly, I've heard some "MUSIC" after a long time. Last days were totally dedicated to the anarchy of Lucifer Mr. Himesh Reshammiya. Thank you Mr. Bharadwaj to bring back the Shangri-la era.

Anyways i loved every bit and piece of Omkara. I am eagerly waiting for another expedition of Mr. Bharadwaj.

Whenever i watch a flick that i like, i grab on to the seats and try to jump up with exhilaration. This keeps me in the air as well as on ground, that's when i get VISUAL ORGASM...

Dismal Rains...

I am stuck in rains outside an ATM
Cars pass by their lights look like firefly
Radio is on at a nearby tea shop
Playing songs that sound like cowboys bebop
Couples ride on bike clinging each other
Even the raindrops can’t perforate between them and move further
The dare-drivers fly through the liquid like a swish.
Their souls rest in peace I only wish
The wind moves in water making a hollow noise
The trees dance like belly dancers losing their poise
The signals change from green to yellow to red
Its epitome in water looks like someone has bled.
The rain falls from an invisible sphere
The memories move on but I stand alone here
Everyone leaves as they are drenched in rain
I watch them and smile to feel my pain

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

lil’ red dot shinin with your name

You came back with broken dreams in your mind
What went wrong no one could ever find
Life looked like an open road with no street lights
And you tried to fight the tears with all your might
Then you thought is this all a stupid game
I am happy to find the lil’ red dot shinin with your name.

I came up to you and gave you my hand
But you said “No, Thank you, I’ll stand”
I said “Ok, can I walk with you for a mile”
And say funny jokes to make you smile
She laughed and said “hey dude! You are so lame!”
I am happy to find the lil’ red dot shinin with your name.

Why are you sitting in dark, in my mind minted?
I realized that it was just the window which was tinted!
There is so much of light on the other side
You just have to turn and see it with your eyes wide
I know it’ll take time to get your life in the right frame
I am happy to find the lil’ red dot shinin with your name.

Why isin’t your smile reachin’ your eyes
As if tryin’ to find the truth through all their lies
Please try to see life in rainbow shades
And not the color of the sun when it fades
Life’s too long to stay sad and you don’t have to take the blame
I am happy to find the lil’ red dot shinin with your name.

I’ll tell the winds to blow the blues of your face
I’ll tell the sea to stand still down your feet with grace
The fire in the sky will burn down to ashes when it sees your spirit
The dirt of land will shine like crystals when you’ll grip it
You are your own god and emotions are your adversaries that you have to tame
I am happy to find the lil’ red dot shinin with your name.

to be continued...